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Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Are you worried about rancidity in your kitchen and looking for top-notch grease trap cleaning services? Look no further! Say goodbye to grease and unbearable odour from your kitchen and explore our grease trap cleaning services in Dubai – the perfection of excellence.

Cleaning grease traps is a way to eradicate the oils, fats, and other food particles from the food service area unit. It’s a messy duty to clean a unit independently with different kitchen operations. So, our services are the ultimate solution for you.

In this article, we will explore grease trap cleaning services in Dubai, the relocation of grease traps, the installation of grease traps, and the dosing system. Let’s hire us today to keep your kitchen fresh and grease-free. 

Importance of  Cleaning Services

It is essential to remove the grease to get a hygienic environment. Why should you choose us, the high-quality grease trap cleaning services in Dubai? Let’s explore the top reasons.  

  • Hygiene Maintenance 

If you want to keep your kitchen environment healthy, trap cleaning is necessary. If oils and fats remain uncleaned for a long time, it creates an unbearable smell, and the grease becomes rancid. It can cause many health issues for you and your customers. So, it is essential to clean your grease trap to keep the area clean and good.

  • Trap Effectiveness Maintenance 

Cleaning grease from the trap is a challenging job. If the unit is cleaned briefly, the water drainage system will drop. Due to fats and grease, water will not pass out from the unit. We clean the unit with advanced techniques and improve its performance. 

  • Optimal Maintenance Solutions

If the trap is improperly cleaned, it catches fog and some food particles. The bottom of the tank fills with fats, oils, sludge, debris, and grease. This waste converts into a thick layer of mess. We break the sludge and debris.  

Grease Trap Treatment For Commercial Kitchens

We offer environmental-friendly grease trap treatment to clean and maintain the trap in commercial kitchens or restaurants. The bacteria used in grease trap treatment may break down various FOG mixed with natural biological enhancers, micronutrients, and macronutrients. 

These microorganisms guarantee top performance in plumbing systems, drains, sewers, grease traps, etc. We employ bacterially filled blocks to decompose the organic waste grease traps, grease interceptors, septic systems, lift stations, and wastewater treatment systems. 

Regular grease trap treatment will lower unnecessary costs linked to high grease loads and lower offensive odours.

Our Expertise in Grease Trap Cleaning Services 

We are the best cleaning services company in Dubai, with well-trained experts. To maintain hygiene, it is important to clean the trap daily. The best way is to call us and hire for trap cleaning. Let’s explore our expertise and what we offer in grease trap cleaning packages.  

  • Grease trap installation services
  • installation of Dosing system services
  • Grease trap relocation 
  • The replacement of Gasket services
  • Drain line inspection using state-of-the-art inspection cameras
  • Professional drain blockage removal services
  • Drain line jetting services
  • Thorough drain line cleaning services

Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Maintenance

As we know, the bacteria and unbearable smell increase if we do not clean our kitchen and all pieces of equipment which we use in cooking operations. Overflowing traps with grease deliver an unpleasant impression to the customers. We offer services to clean traps with our high-quality tools.

We offer discreet and systematic services. Grease trap contains many fats, oils, debris, and bad smell. If these traps are not cleaned at the proper times, grease blocks the drainage system. Our experienced team cleans the trap entirely, reinstalls, and maintains the trap.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Service Company?

We offer the best grease trap cleaning services in Dubai at affordable rates. Our team members hold excellent knowledge according to high-standard tools. Why our cleaning services are best in Dubai? Let’s take a view! 

  • We offer our services at a very affordable budget.
  • The largest fleet of tankers 
  • Well experienced technicians 
  • Use updated and high-standard equipment 
  • Our biological dosing treatment is an eco-friendly
  • Non-chemical maintenance facility 
  • Provide a green and safe alternative for cleaning.


In this article, we discussed Dubai’s top-rated grease cleaning services in detail for hotels, factories, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. Keeping your kitchen fresh and clean is essential to prevent health issues, unpleasant odours, and rancidity. Our excellent services offer the best solution for you.

To maintain a healthy environment in the kitchen, we give priority to hygiene maintenance. Secondly, by using expert cleaning methods, we guarantee the grease trap’s efficacy and stop drainage problems brought on by fats and grease buildup.


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