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Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning is a necessary procedure to ensure that your water system is safe and healthy. It is important to keep your water tank clean because if there is any contamination in the water, it will affect the quality of the drinking water. This could lead to serious diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, etc.
Water sources can be categorized in different ways of fortune. Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial water systems are fed from dedicated water storage tanks that in turn are fed from local water supply systems. Contaminated or dirty water poses a severe health hazard and badly maintained water storage tanks are a major contributory factor.
All water tanks and the associated pipelines must be regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned, and disinfected in line with Dubai Municipality Rules & Regulations. Alongside the water tank cleaning, the pipeline systems have to be kept clean to reduce the nutrients available for bacterial growth. So disinfection process is very significant to evade the buildup of dirt, organic matter, or other debris.
Water tank cleaning is a service provided by GTC. It involves removing all the sediment and debris from the water tank. This is done using special equipment and chemicals. After the tank is cleaned, it is tested to ensure that there are no contaminants present.
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Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services

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