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Grease Trap Cleaning

High Quality Grease Trap Supplier

High Quality Grease Trap Supplier

Are you getting tired due to grease and unpleasant odor in your kitchen and want a long-lasting commercial grease trap supplier? Well, it’s time to put an end to these kitchen headaches! Discover the key to unlocking the secret of the best grease trap supplier!

We install and maintain grease traps on a regular and contract bases at the customer’s convenience. For grease trap devices, we provide free technical support. Our priority is customer satisfaction. 

Our company offers free advice, which includes an examination of the current systems and suggestions for their upkeep, maintenance, and improvement. Additionally, we provide free quotes for all tasks, including routine procedure emptying, cleaning, care, and progress.

Grease Trap Supply and Installation

We work hard to ensure you always adhere to the Local Authority’s best management practice standards for grease traps. With a trained technician’s support, our team installs grease traps and provides advice.

As a top-rated grease trap supplier and management company in UAE, we give you a perfect solution for your commercial kitchen. We work highly professionally and at the proper time according to our customer’s needs.

According to the need and demands, we ensure that the grease-bearing fixtures and devices are correctly linked to the abatement system during the grease trap installation. We  have many years experience in grease trap installation and management.

Benefits of High-Quality Commercial Grease Trap Systems

We sell all types of traps with the facility of all instruction, including how to maintain, upgrade and repair grease traps. We managed the stock of traps according to size and price with specific arrangements for quick delivery. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Benefits of Grease Trap
  • Different flow rates to accommodate other uses
  • It extends the life span of the kitchen plumbing system
  • Maximum longevity and sanitary performance
  • Improves sanitation 
  • Enhances the Hygiene 
  • Adjustable simple pipe alignment and height modification
  • Ideal for use in small kitchens since it lessens the risk of drain clogs

Grease Traps: Essential Care and Maintenance Tips

We install a grease trap to stop oil, unpleasant odor, grease, food particles, and other contaminants from directly entering sewerage. It prevents blockage of the sewer system of any commercial kitchen by keeping all residents in a trap.

It is frequently used, among other places, in hotels, commercial kitchens, banquet halls, food processing facilities, restaurants, and hospitals to prevent the release of untreated or greasy effluent into sewer systems.

This Grease Trap is made of steel to maximize sanitary performance and longevity. Additionally, it includes movable feet and open inlets and outlets for easy integration with current kitchen appliances. The device is made simpler by a directed flow reducer in the input, which reduces water splashing.

Why Choose Our Top-Rated Grease Trap Supply Services?

When selecting the best grease trap supply and installation services, we know there are many good options in your area. However, we firmly believe that our top-rated grease trap supply services stand out. Here are compelling reasons why you should choose us:

Expertise and Experience 

We have more than ten years of experience in this industry. Our team is highly skilled and trained according to new area equipment and delivers high-quality work.

Extensive Grease Trap Selection

We offer all grease traps, from small home kitchens to commercial-level large traps. Provide a wide range of grease traps according to specific demands and needs. Our diverse selection ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your establishment.

Superior Quality

We offer high-quality, long-lasting grease trap which fulfills all your requirements because Our services provide reliable grease traps that stop grease, oil, and fats in  the trap.


In this article, we explored the best grease trap supplier in UAE. It provides grease separators that are trustworthy, durable, and simple to maintain for free-standing or underground installation, as well as grease traps or grease capture for under-sink installation to fulfill the needs of its cherished clients.

You may select the superior quality product for grease elimination from your kitchen by choosing our services so Let’s trust us to maintain a clean, efficient, and smoothly operating kitchen environment. 

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