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Grease Trap Cleaning

PVC Grease Trap Supplier

PVC Grease Trap Supplier

Keeping your commercial kitchen compliant and efficient starts with proper grease management. Grease Trap Cleaning is proud to be your one-stop shop for high-quality PVC grease trap suppliers in the UAE.
We understand the critical role that grease traps play in maintaining a clean, and environmentally friendly kitchen. Our PVC grease traps are designed with durability and effectiveness in mind, ensuring optimal grease removal and preventing costly plumbing issues. As a leading supplier in the region, we take pride in delivering innovative and efficient solutions to meet your grease management needs.

What is a PVC Grease Trap?

A PVC grease trap is designed to capture and separate grease, oil, and solids from wastewater generated in commercial kitchens and food service establishments before entering the sewer system. “PVC” refers to the material used to construct the trap, typically polyvinyl chloride—a durable and corrosion-resistant plastic.
The primary purpose of a grease trap is to prevent fats, oils, and grease (commonly referred to as FOG) from entering the municipal sewer lines. When hot, greasy water cools down as it travels through pipes, it can solidify and cause blockages, leading to sewer backups and overflows. Grease traps are crucial in minimizing these issues and ensuring smooth and efficient drainage.

How a PVC Grease Trap Generally Works


Wastewater containing grease and solids flows into the grease trap.


The trap slows down the flow of water, allowing grease to rise to the surface due to its lighter density. Solids settle at the bottom.


he separated grease and solids are held within the trap, preventing them from entering the sewer system.

Effluent Discharge

Treated water, with reduced grease and solids, can flow into the sewer system.

Key Features of a PVC Grease Trap

PVC Grease Trap Suppliers in Dubai offer several key features that make them effective and reliable for grease management in commercial kitchens. Here are some of the key features:

Durable Material:


Chemical Resistance:

Efficient Grease Separation:

Variety of Sizes:

Easy Maintenance:



Our Wide Range of PVC Grease Traps

As a PVC Grease Trap Supplier in Sharjah, we offer a diverse selection of PVC grease traps to suit any commercial kitchen size and flow rate:


Above ground:



More Than Just Traps

Beyond supplying superior PVC grease traps, we provide comprehensive services to ensure your kitchen operates smoothly and complies with UAE regulations:

Free consultations:

Expert installation:

Scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

FOG disposal:

Why Choose Grease Trap Cleaning?

Trusted local expertise:

Commitment to quality:

Competitive pricing:

Excellent customer service:

Ready to Upgrade Your Grease Management?

Contact Grease Trap Cleaning, the best PVC Grease Trap Supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Ajman, today for a free consultation and discover how our PVC grease traps and comprehensive services can revolutionize your kitchen’s efficiency and compliance.


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