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Grease Trap Supplier in Dubai

Top Professional Grease Trap Supplier in Dubai

Do you want to prevent your kitchen from contaminated wastewater and keep your plumbing system accurate? If yes, our grease trap is the best choice for you which is crucial for the kitchen plumbing system to work correctly. Let’s find Dubai’s top-rated grease trap suppliers to get seamless operations.

It is crucial to properly manage the waste in your kitchen for smooth and healthy operations. We chose to handle the kitchen’s waste management system regarding grease trap suppliers. This article will explore the services offered by a top-rated grease trap supplier in Dubai. 

Grease Trap Supply and Management Services

Using our grease trap services in Dubai, you can prevent foul odors and high-rate plumbing repairs. Grease trap keeps your kitchen fresh and clean by reducing fats, oils, grease, and unpleasant smell. What we offer with our grease trap supply services:

  • Grease Trap Supply & Installation
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Connection of plumbing systems 
  • Pipe Line Blockage Removal
  • Biological Grease Trap Dosing System
  • Grease Trap Eradication

Choose the Right Grease Trap 

We supply many grease traps for kitchen waste management systems to handle drainage and sewage. Explore all the specifications of the best trap of our company.


Grease Trap Type AG1 Grease Trap
Size Small to medium
Capacity 5 gallons
Material Stainless steel
Installation Above-ground
Design Compact and space-saving
Features Removable baffles for easy cleaning, odor control system
Application Ideal for small commercial kitchens, cafes, and food trucks
Compliance Meets local regulations for grease trap installation and maintenance
Maintenance Regular grease removal and cleaning required
Benefits Effectively traps grease, oils, and solid waste, prevents clogged drains, promotes environmental sustainability


Why Hire Us for Grease Trap Supply in Dubai?

We manage the wastewater system of the food industry or commercial kitchen; grease traps are essential in ensuring a hygienic environment. Why Hire Us for Grease Trap Supply in Dubai? Let’s explore the reasons given below:

  • We are a reliable service provider and have been working for many years. 
  • 100% customer satisfaction of customers is our priority. 
  • We offer high-quality services with our trained team with new-era techniques.
  • We have been working in grease management systems for more than 12 years. Our high-quality and experienced team uses advanced tools for grease supply and installation. 
  • Provide effective and efficient grease trap management.

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