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Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood, Exhaust and Duct Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning involves removing all the grease and residue from the kitchen hood. We use high-pressure water spray to clean the kitchen hood. This method removes the grease and residue from all parts of the kitchen hood.
Kitchen hood cleaning is essential to ensure that your kitchen extractor fan works efficiently and safely. Grease and oil buildup inside the kitchen hood can cause the fan blades to become dull and eventually stop working altogether. In addition, grease and oil can clog up the filter, causing it to fail.
Kitchen hood cleaning is important because it helps to prevent fires and improve indoor air quality. Grease buildup inside the kitchen hood reduces airflow through the system, which leads to poor ventilation and an increased risk of fire. In addition, grease buildup causes the fan blades to become clogged, reducing the effectiveness of the fan

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Professional Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

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